Applause is your Intelligent Health Assistant.

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Trying to lose weight?

But dread the weight loss journey?

Applause is here to make weight loss work for you.


Weight loss can be a frustrating and lonely journey. The only way to achieve it is by fully committing and investing in yourself.

Applause is the most effective tool in your battle to lose weight. (And unlike other weight loss programs, we fit in the palm of your hand). Applause is a spinoff from the renowned MIT Media Lab.



Applause uses data science algorithms and behavioral psychology to make suggestions and predictions specifically for you. Being located in Palo Alto gives us access to the world's top talent in everything from engineering architecture to design and branding. We have a world class team building your ultimate fitness companion.

Put Applause in charge of your health

It just works.

Build a Bond

Build a close bond with your support group and set yourself up for success.


Real-time Feedback

Share your activity with the group and get encouragement in real time.



Your group members get to know you as a person, but not your real-life identity.


Diet, Weight, Workouts...

One stop app track your diet and fitness efforts.


Smart Suggestions

Applause uses data-science to identify patterns in your behavior and alert you.


More Features

Group messaging, reminders, forums, and much more...

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Durga Pandey

Durga Pandey (CEO)

Durga loves running (after his 2 year old son) and cooking vegetarian meals. He's a startup fanboy and a graduate of the MIT Media Lab.

Ashutosh Dubey

Ashutosh Dubey (Co-founder)

Ashu is a product guy, Java hacker, and data scientist rolled into one. He loves hiking, and earned an MBA at UCLA.

Ruchira Bajaj

Ruchira Bajaj

Ruchi loves high fashion and low level programming (robotic arms, smart grid, wearable devices). She's a graduate of UIUC and Northwestern.


Marc Benioff

Marc Benioff (Investor)

Marc is the CEO and Chairman of, and is considered a cloud computing pioneer. He is the author of three books, including the national best seller Behind the Cloud.

Bruce Campbell

Bruce Campbell (Advisor)

Bruce is a legendary brand-guru. He branded and launched Saturn, was part of the "Tuesday Team" for President Reagan’s Morning in America TV campaign, and helped in rebranding public television, Bank of America, and the Gallo Winery.

Andy Lippman

Andrew Lippman (Advisor)

Andy served as the founding Associate Director of the MIT Media Laboratory and is currently a Senior Research Scientist at MIT. His work at the Media Lab has ranged from wearable computers to global digital television. Andy is an avid sailor.


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